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Since the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, a number of couples will need to apply for a marriage license.  If you’re one of those couples, you can use our website to research where to apply, the license fee, whether there is a waiting period, what identification is required, and more, including Judge performed ceremonies, available in certain states.

If you are planning your wedding, be sure to apply for your marriage license early.  Many states require you to be a resident in the county where the ceremony will be held.  Other states such as Hawaii and Las Vegas don’t have resident requirements but may have waiting periods.  Generally, marriage licenses are obtained from county offices.  Many counties offer online information in order to simplify the process including online marriage license applications and worksheets.

1.  To get started.  On our main “Free Public Records Search Directory” page, choose “Marriage Records” under “Search Public Records by Type of Record.”

2. Choose your state. On our “Marriage Records Resources” page, you can access marriage license procedures and marriage license contact information for each county in all 50 states.  Let’s choose Pennsylvania, as an example.  Click on “Pennsylvania” for the “Pennsylvania Marriage Records Directory” main page.

3. Choose a county or city.  On this page, click on Allegheny County “Marriage Licenses.”  On the county’s website, you can access an online “marriage license application.”  Once the application has been completed and emailed to the Allegheny County Marriage License Bureau, both parties must appear together in person to finalize the application.  There is a three day waiting period and the license must be used within sixty days.  The website provides detailed step-by-step instructions.

4. Return to “Pennsylvania Marriage Records Directory” page. When you’ve finished reviewing a specific county link, click on “Return to Results” located in the upper right hand corner.  This will return to “Pennsylvania Marriage Records Directory” page in order to research other county marriage license links.

5. Return to main “Free Public Records Search Directory” page. When you have completed your marriage license research for a specific state, you can click on “Home” in the upper left hand corner.  On this page, “Free Public Records Search Directory,” you’ll have the option to conduct other types of research by state or type of record or continue your marriage license research for another state.

6. Choose another state.   For instance, click on “Marriage Licenses” and then “New York” to access the New York County “Marriage Licenses” link for information about obtaining a marriage license in New York City including a new FAQ page for same-sex couples.  Click on “Return to Results” to return to the main “New York Marriage Records Directory” page.

7. Access other record types.  Click on “Home” in the upper left hand corner, to return to the main “Free Public Records Search Directory” page. Click on the type of record or a specific state in order to access other available public record links including birth records and divorce records, which you may need in order to apply for your marriage license.

Using the above easy to follow instructions, research your state marriage license requirements so that you can obtain your marriage license smoothly and in plenty of time for your upcoming wedding!

Please check out our past blog articles and watch for future articles for detailed instructions about using our website to research a variety of subjects and public records.




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