Foreclosure Mediation

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As if going through foreclosure wasn’t difficult enough, those facing this life hurdle now must also ward off those seeking to take advantage of their situation. A recent news release from the attorney general in Connecticut warned about foreclosure rescue companies masquerading as law firms, taking badly needed monies from these homeowners and providing no assistance.

Foreclosure assistance and mediation is often provided free by the court system.  For example, sticking with Connecticut, the State of Connecticut Judical Branch offers a free Foreclosure Mediation Program that provides homeowners with free mediation services to assist the homeowner and the lender in reaching a settlement. This program does not require the services of an attorney and is free of charge.

Before signing up for any service, a homeowner facing foreclosure would be well served to research what services his or her local court may provide. To find a free listing of courts by state and county, visit

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