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The state of the environment has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. According to many reports, ice caps are melting, climates are rising, and polar bears are dying. In addition to those pressing matters, there are also environmental issues that could risk your immediate health within your neighborhood, or even on your own property.

Environmental records searches can produce information that could help you determine the quality of the environment that surrounds you. You could use these records to keep you and your family safe. Environmental records searches can include information such as superfund sites, landfills, closes/abandoned landfills, locations of treatment facilities, air quality data, and water quality data. Such information can help you determine whether there were environmental hazards near your property. Not only is this data useful for health purposes, but it is also useful for real estate purposes. For example, the value of your property could be affected by whether or not it’s located near a landfill.

Typically environmental records requests are performed using a specific property address. Once that address is provided to the relevant agency in charge of environmental records, then a search will be performed within a certain radius. For example, in Colorado, environmental records are managed by the Department of Public Health and Environment. Searches performed by that agency will be conducted within a 1 to 1.5 mile radius, depending on the record sought. A similar procedure is followed for online searches. Each state will have its own agency dedicated to protecting the environment, and the name will vary. In Washington State, their environmental agency is called the Department of Ecology. There is also national agency responsible for environmental issues called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is important to note, however, that the exact types of environmental records available may also vary by state. Also, while some states provide searchable online databases or listings, other states may require written records requests to be filed with the agency after the payment of a fee.

In addition to searching for records, you can also use find ways of protecting the environment through local or federal agencies. Maybe there is a company nearby engaging in some behavior you ‘re concerned could be harmful. Or perhaps you or your own company could be preparing to engage in activity which you are not 100% sure is safe. Instead of being unsure you can research this information as most agencies provide access to rules and regulations regarding the environment.

To find access to environmental records and other property records, visit The Free Public Records Directory where you can view public records resources by category or state. This site also provides free links and contact information for public records resources.

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