Divorce by Mail in Washington State

The process of getting divorced is emotionally and financially exhausting. Having to deal with stressful court hearings and confusing court procedures does not help. Fortunately for Washington State residents, uncontested divorces can be filed in Lincoln County Superior Court and the divorce can actually be granted through the mail without ever having to go to court. Lincoln County is unique in offering this option to anyone who resides in any Washington State county. Many Washington State residents take advantage of this service — the county processes more divorces each year than any other county in the state except King County, which includes the Seattle metropolitan area.

Keep in mind that Washington State law requires a 90 waiting period from when a petition for divorce (or dissolution of marriage) is filed until the final divorce decree is granted, even if the entire process is done through the mail.

Contact information for the Lincoln County Superior Court, and other Washington State family law resources, can be found at CourtReference’s Washington Court Resource Guide.

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