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Every state court system has an administrative branch that manages the court system’s internal operations. It is most often named the Administrative Office of the Courts (as in Washington), but may also be called the Office of Judicial Administration (as in Kansas), Office of the State Court Administrator (as in Colorado , the Chief Court Administrator (as in Connecticut), the Division of State Court Administration (as in Indiana), the Director of State Courts (as in Wisconsin), and even the Office of the Executive Secretary (as in Virginia).

These administrative offices are usually under the direct supervision of the state Supreme Court (or whatever court is the highest level state court, such as the New York Court of Appeals). Most of the administrative office’s functions,  concerned with internal court system operations, are not of interest to the general public – but some are. Because these administrative offices oversee many court programs, they may be the best source of information about those programs.

For example, Louisiana’s Office of the Judicial Administrator oversees the state’s Protective Order Registry (which includes information about types of protective orders and procedure) and has links to the state’s Drug Court contacts and program brochure. CourtReference routinely checks state court administration websites for links of interest to the general public; when we find them, we add them to our site. You can find both of the above-mentioned Louisiana resources on our Louisiana Self-Help and Legal Research page. We don’t link to the Office of the Judicial Administrator’s home page; we only link the its included resources that are of use to those of you who are looking for information to help you navigate the court system. One exception is in Kentucky, where the Administrative Office of the Courts has so many useful links to court programs and services that we simply link to its home page (see the “Kentucky Court Administration” link on our Self Help and Legal Research page).

You can count on CourtReference to provide you with links to court information that you can use.

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