City of Seattle Crime Statistics – Up or Down?

According to an article published in The Seattle Times, on Thursday, August 15, 2013, titled “Downtown getting safer? Not according to the numbers,” by Lynn Thompson and Justin Mayo, Seattle Times staff reporters, an analysis of the City of Seattle’s online Monthly Crime Statistics map was conducted by The Seattle Times. The crime rates in downtown Seattle have recently been the subject of discussion by the Mayor, downtown business owners and others. The City of Seattle’s crime statistics map displays major crime data by month, year and police beat. Depending on how the data is sorted, the results can vary. The Seattle Times’ analysis included a review of four police beats in downtown Seattle and indicated that the violent crime level in the retail core basically held steady over the past five years. Other crime statistics are also mentioned in the article.

Using other available crime statistics websites, you can review crime data across the country. For instance, New York City’s crime statistics can be viewed weekly either city-wide or by borough and precinct including a comparison by week, month, year, 2 years, 12 years and 20 years. The City of Oakland, California’s crime statistics website provides weekly crime reports including an archive of weekly reports from 2010 to present. The City of Detroit’s new interactive crime mapping system is available to the public and provides information by specific geographic area. It includes year to date crime statistics. You can review monthly crime statistics by neighborhood police beat including the date, hour, and offense type from 2009 to present. On Pennsylvania’s Uniform Crime Reporting System you can view annual crime reports, or monthly crime reports by geographic area or type of crime.

The above websites are just a few of the crime statistics websites on our “Crimes and Crime Data Resources” website. You can search by state, county or city including crime reports and crime maps. The ability to analyze this data by citizens, business owners, municipalities and others provides access to information that can be used for many different purposes including where to live, where to start your business, police protection, and more.

Other types of public records can be searched on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” including land records, inmate records, laws, election information, and more.

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