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Just a quick update on a new way courts are taking advantage of technology. One of the first and most widely used is online payment of traffic and parking tickets, which we covered here, here, and here. Next up were the ubiquitous red light camera tickets, which can also be paid online.

Since some people don’t want to pay their tickets without a fight, some courts allow tickets to be contested online¬†without having to show up in court. We’ve even seen examples of courts allowing some hearings to be held by telephone¬†or online instead of in the courtroom

We’ve also discovered some apps – here and here – that allow you to look up case information on your mobile device. We should also mention the ability to participate in court hearings by video or Skype, and to stream audio of court sessions.

What if you’ve received some tickets and you want to just pay them and get it over with, but you don’t remember how many tickets, or what they were for, or how much the fine is? If your tickets are from Cook County, Georgia – where traffic tickets are handled by Probate Court of Cook County, you can go the court’s Payment Information page, enter your mobile number, click a button, and receive a text containing all the information you need to pay up.

Keep checking Court Reference for links to your local court’s website and related online resources.

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