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What is the Inspection Score of Your Favorite Restaurant?

Have you ever wondered about the safety of the food that you eat at your neighborhood restaurant? Ever wonder when it was last inspected? Well, depending on where you live, you may be able to search online for the latest inspection scores for the restaurants in your area.

All states and counties have rules and regulations about the safe handling of food including periodic inspections of the establishments. Generally, the inspection scores are the result of routine inspections covering critical and non-critical items. Many states and counties have created websites which provide the results of the inspections. Some of the … Read More

Government Job Searches

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If a government job appeals to you, this information should make your search much easier.  Many states offer government job searches by location. 

The State of Texas has a great website for employers and employees called “Work in Texas.”  The section for employees can be searched by occupation, by hiring agency, by job type and by location such as zip code or region. The website allows job seekers to register in order to take advantage of other free services such as email notifications, resume building and other career tools.

The section for employers allows potential employers to post … Read More

Historical Virginia Court Case Records

The Library of Virginia has a Chancery Records Index project well under way whereby historical chancery records are being digitized and made available online. These records, which relied heavily on witness testimony,  offer unique access into the lives of persons living in Virginia from the early 1700s through the 1920s.  36 Virginia counties and cities have their chancery cases in this project at the Library of Virginia resulting in over 191,000 cases indexed in the database and over 4 million images of chancery causes available online.

Chancery causes could not be readily decided by existing laws, so judges’ decisions were … Read More

Online Access to Virginia Circuit Court Cases

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Virginia provides good access for the public to search circuit court cases online.  Case information that is normally available includes the case number, party names, and filing date. Civil cases show the type of case and criminal cases show the offense date, charge, disposition and defendant’s date of birth. The date of birth is standardly abbreviated for privacy concerns.

Buckingham County had removed itself from the online court case information system as the court clerk had been concerned that potential jurors might use the system to research cases. However, at the request of the public, Buckingham County is now … Read More

New Database Makes Car Fraud Data Accessable to Public

In the market for a used car? In addition to checking out all those little mechanical issues like brakes, the engine, etc., you may also consider checking on the history of the car. A history check can include not only prior owners, but whether or not you are about to purchase a stolen vehicle. As a result of a recently concluded lawsuit, it is now easier for everyday people to check the fraud status of a vehicle.

A database called the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) finally became available for public access on January 30, 2009. Apparently Congress … Read More

Campaign Finance

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Watching the news or reading your daily news paper is a reminder that we are deep in election season. Among critical issues such as the environment, immigration, and the economy, another hot button topic among candidates is campaign finance.

Campaign finance refers to how money is raised for election campaigns. Some have concerns that how a candidate raises their money could effect the type of legislation they pass and how they lead. This concern is based on the fear that more money from one person or organization may translate into more expected political favors from the candidate if elected. This … Read More