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Warrants and Most Wanted Persons

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One of the many types of public records available through our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website are links to national, state, county and city warrant and most wanted persons websites. You might be surprised at the number and type of links available. The following is a sample of the available links.

Type of Warrant Links.
• National Links – ATF Wanted Persons / FBI Most Wanted / Immigration Most Wanted
• State Links – DEA Fugitives (Drug Enforcement Administration)
• County Sheriff Links – Child Support Warrants / Most Wanted Sex Offenders
• City Police Links – … Read More

What’s Your Property’s Assessed Value?

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Would you like to know the “assessed value” of your property? All 50 states at the county or city level assign an “assessed value” to each property in its jurisdiction for taxing purposes. Using our “Assessor and Property Tax Records Resources” website, you can access a number of online property information links offered by most counties or cities.

Type of information available. Some of the property information available includes but is not limited to:
• Current Owner Name
• Address of Property
• Physical Description of Property
• Legal Description of Property
• Sales History
• Photos, … Read More

Search for Your Unclaimed Cash

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Today, April 25, 2014, I heard an advertisement on the radio for the State of Washington’s “Claim Your Cash” website. The radio advertisement encourages people to check the State’s unclaimed property website for money that is being held by the State. Generally, unclaimed property is money that is forwarded to the State by organizations that held funds which had not been claimed by the rightful owner within a three year period. Unclaimed property consists of bank accounts, insurance proceeds, utility deposits and uncashed checks.

In Washington State, the funds are held by the State until claimed by the rightful owner. … Read More

Mortgage Foreclosure: What happens and is there help?

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Are you facing a home mortgage foreclosure and wonder if there is help for you? Are you a tenant of a mortgage foreclosure and wonder if you have any rights? Or do you want to purchase a home that’s been foreclosed but don’t know where to look? These are all good questions that can be answered by accessing various state and governmental agency websites. There are many educational and helpful websites available if you know where to look. Below are a few agency links to get you started. Even if you live in another state, many of the links provide … Read More

Unclaimed Property

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Many people aren’t aware that by state law, companies must turn over to the State any funds that have not been claimed by the rightful owners within a certain time frame, usually three years or more. The funds include bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, traveler’s checks, utility deposits, insurance policy proceeds and other types of funds that are deemed unclaimed.  In some states, the unclaimed property totals millions of dollars every year.  In fact, over 1 billion dollars in unclaimed funds have been turned over to the State of Washington since 1955.  If you believe that you may have unclaimed … Read More

Find Historical Documents at Your State Archive Office

Public records can be a valuable source of information for many reasons. Through public records resources and through agencies responsible for housing public records, you can find access to anything from birth records to voter records. Such information is useful in performing genealogy research, background checks, and more.

Each type of public record may be managed by its own government agency. For example, property tax records may be managed by an Assessor Office, while vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce records), may be run by the a state ‘s department of health or county clerk. Yet, even with the … Read More

Could New Laws Create Easier Access To Public Records?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and various public records laws throughout the States have done much to expand the type of information the public has access to. Having access to public records allows citizens an opportunity to review and investigate what their elected officials are doing with their time in office. However, one roadblock encountered by many is that some government agencies may be less than forthcoming when presented with records requests. Or, there may be so many hoops to jump through before one can gain access to a record, that obtaining that record may not seem worth the … Read More

Right to Know vs. Private Information

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A News & Observer article dated July 17, 2007 reviews North Carolina laws about obtaining government records that contain commingled information, that is, both public and private information. Under North Carolina’s Public Records Law, a document that contains commingled information must still be produced under a public records request; private information is redacted or removed at the public agency’s cost. A recent North Carolina Court of Appeals ruling upheld this policy. … Read More