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Paying North Carolina Traffic Tickets Online

Here’s some welcome news for those needing to pay North Carolina traffic tickets.  The North Carolina Administrator of the Courts has now implemented a system where traffic tickets and other court fines may be paid online. The North Carolina court system uses a vendor to handle these payments and the vendor charges an additional fee for processing these electronic payments.

The system not only provides the convenience to citizens of being able to pay their tickets online and not hassle with either mailing their bills or, much worse, going to the courthouse to pay,  but there are also other … Read More

What is E-Filing?

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If you are involved in a lawsuit, you (or your attorney) will likely need to file many documents with the court. This can include an initial summons and complaint as well as various motions and notices requesting actions from the court or opposing party. All these filed documents can add up to piles and piles of paper. Furthermore, whenever a paper is filed with a court, this requires the filer to go down to the courthouse in person to present the document to the clerk of court. Although this is a tradition that is mostly accepted as a part of … Read More