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What are the candidates spending on their campaigns?

As you well know, there are a number of candidates running for office this year with the presidential and other national races generating the most attention. Every few days there are stories or reports about candidates including campaign financing and spending.

The Seattle Times ran an article on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, entitled, “Ron Paul done spending on primaries,” by Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times. The article stated that Ron Paul had announced that he would stop spending money on the Republican party’s 11 remaining primaries, effectively ending his campaign. One day later, on Wednesday, May 16th, Ron Paul’s campaign … Read More

Teachers National Board Certification

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Interested in knowing if your child’s teacher holds a Teachers National Board Certification? Has the teacher taken the extra steps to become Board certified? The National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that teachers can obtain in addition to their State teaching licenses. This additional certification helps teachers improve their teaching skills, helps students succeed by expanding the teachers’ expertise and leadership abilities, and learn how to better monitor student learning.

You can find out about the teachers in your school district by searching the list of the 97,000 National Board Certified teachers by state, city, school district, and … Read More

Mortgage Foreclosure: What happens and is there help?

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Are you facing a home mortgage foreclosure and wonder if there is help for you? Are you a tenant of a mortgage foreclosure and wonder if you have any rights? Or do you want to purchase a home that’s been foreclosed but don’t know where to look? These are all good questions that can be answered by accessing various state and governmental agency websites. There are many educational and helpful websites available if you know where to look. Below are a few agency links to get you started. Even if you live in another state, many of the links provide … Read More

Online Traffic Information and Reports

Would you like to avoid the frustration of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Wouldn’t you like to know traffic conditions before you hit the road? You can avoid traffic delays and find the fastest route to your destination with the help of online tools, such as traffic cameras, construction zone alerts, congestion updates, and traffic incident reports.

The Colorado DOT website provides live traffic cameras and online travel alerts, such as road work alerts, road closures, restrictions, and seasonal closures. There, you can also find a live traffic speeds and travel times map, as well as a map of the latest … Read More

What is the Inspection Score of Your Favorite Restaurant?

Have you ever wondered about the safety of the food that you eat at your neighborhood restaurant? Ever wonder when it was last inspected? Well, depending on where you live, you may be able to search online for the latest inspection scores for the restaurants in your area.

All states and counties have rules and regulations about the safe handling of food including periodic inspections of the establishments. Generally, the inspection scores are the result of routine inspections covering critical and non-critical items. Many states and counties have created websites which provide the results of the inspections. Some of the … Read More

Check Out a Restaurant Before You Dine

Do you enjoy dining out? Are you curious about the sanitary conditions of your favorite restaurant? Selecting the right place to eat has become a little easier since health departments across the country are now posting restaurant inspection information online.

Sanitary health inspections are designed to identify food safety violations, which is everything from inadequate hand-washing to a rodent infestation in the kitchen. This information allows consumers to be able to make informed choices, and it provides business owners incentive to achieve and maintain high standards in food safety.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has … Read More

New York Public Information Website

The New York Attorney General’s office has a public information website designed to assist the public in finding and monitoring government information on a statewide basis. This website contains information on state elected officials, including their campaign finance reports, lobbyists and their records of who has paid them, legislative bills and supporting documents as well as records on those bills that were vetoed. There is also information on state corporations, charities and state contracts. Anyone can search this website by keyword or by using a “smart search” which accounts for misspellings, acronyms, transcription errors and other situtations that often hinder … Read More

Changes to New York’s Freedom of Information Law

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Many of us are familiar with FOIA – the Freedom of Information Act which provides the general public with the right to access federal agency records or information. States have created their own FOIA laws and provisions and New York’s, known as the Freedom of Information Law, has recently been amended per legislation signed by New York Governor Paterson effective August 7, 2008. FOIA provisions generally require that an agency can charge a maximum of 25cents per photocopy when records are made available or the actual cost of those records that cannot be copied. Agencies reported financial hardships with the … Read More

Government Spending Records; Which States Provide Easy Access?

Reviewing the financial transactions of your state government requires just a few clicks on your computer in some states. As tax payers, we spend a lot of money each year, and some of us may want to know what that money is going towards. While the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) has helped open the gateway to making certain information public and accessible, actually finding these spending records could be a difficult task. Thus in some states, the governments have decided to implement databases which make the search process easier for the public.

Recently Kansas launched a state spending database … Read More