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Online Access to New Hampshire Court Records

Online access to court records, including case information, dockets, calendars, and opinions continues to expand across the nation. New Hampshire, however, remains behind the times in providing case information online. While the state has a new case management system called Odyssey, there are only two access sites for this information – the Grafton County Probate Court and the Hillsborough County Probate Court.  Furthermore, the information available is limited – one may search for individual or business names and discover that a case exists, but little other information will be found.

A New Hampshire Supreme Court Task Force on Public Access … Read More

New Database Makes Car Fraud Data Accessable to Public

In the market for a used car? In addition to checking out all those little mechanical issues like brakes, the engine, etc., you may also consider checking on the history of the car. A history check can include not only prior owners, but whether or not you are about to purchase a stolen vehicle. As a result of a recently concluded lawsuit, it is now easier for everyday people to check the fraud status of a vehicle.

A database called the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) finally became available for public access on January 30, 2009. Apparently Congress … Read More

Campaign Finance

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Watching the news or reading your daily news paper is a reminder that we are deep in election season. Among critical issues such as the environment, immigration, and the economy, another hot button topic among candidates is campaign finance.

Campaign finance refers to how money is raised for election campaigns. Some have concerns that how a candidate raises their money could effect the type of legislation they pass and how they lead. This concern is based on the fear that more money from one person or organization may translate into more expected political favors from the candidate if elected. This … Read More