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Government Spending Records; Which States Provide Easy Access?

Reviewing the financial transactions of your state government requires just a few clicks on your computer in some states. As tax payers, we spend a lot of money each year, and some of us may want to know what that money is going towards. While the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) has helped open the gateway to making certain information public and accessible, actually finding these spending records could be a difficult task. Thus in some states, the governments have decided to implement databases which make the search process easier for the public.

Recently Kansas launched a state spending database … Read More

Mapping Gunshots

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The Minneapolis, MN police department has posted maps of gunshot locations on it’s website. What makes this so unusual is that the maps are created from a real-time audio surveillance system produced by ShotSpotter, Inc.  of Mountain View, CA.

A series of highly sensitive directional audio sensors  are connected to computer software that can accurately place the location of gunshots in real time. Police can be dispatched to locations where gunfire is occurring before the first calls ( or no calls )  are coming into the dispatch center.

We’d heard of systems like this being used in Iraq but we … Read More