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Help From Government Attorneys

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Depending on location, the government officer responsible for prosecuting criminals may be known as the District Attorney, Prosecutor, or County Attorney. Regardless of title, this officer may sound like someone the average citizen would prefer to avoid. Doesn’t the D.A. just prosecute criminals?

In many states, District and County Attorneys also help citizens enforce their rights. Kentucky County Attorneys are a good example.

Have you ever been stuck with a bad check? If so, how do you try to collect? Hire a lawyer? File a criminal complaint and wait for the check-writer’s trial to find out if you’ll see any … Read More

Diversion: Keeping Your Record Clean

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A diversion can mean entertainment or amusement for many people. To others it can mean a change of course. In the criminal justice system, diversion can mean a change of course out of the system. Diversion means a defendant agrees to a course of conduct for a specific period of time, pays some fees and court costs, and avoids a trial and a possible criminal or traffic record.

Diversion does not mean that shoplifters and drunk drivers all over the country are going unpunished and having their records wiped clean. Diversion is not available everywhere, and it’s not easy to … Read More