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Removing personal information from Public Records

We get quite a few comments at the Public Records Free Directory from users who would like to have their personal information removed from public records. The term ‘public record’ means different things to different people, so a little background might be helpful.

In the strictest sense, ‘public records’ refers to those records held by governments that are accessible to the public. Court records, property tax records, deeds and other recorded documents, vital statistics, and business license records are some of the more common types of public records. For the most part, one can not have this type of public … Read More

Public Records on your Mobile Device

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Mobile Public Records Screenshot The Public Records Free Directory had launched a new mobile device service.

This streamlined version of the directory allows input of a zip code or a city and state name along with the type of public record needed. The service will return links and contact information of just the area and type you’re looking for.

The Mobile Public Records service is available at and .

Please let us know what you think, future expansions are possible!… Read More

The New Gun Debate

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This past week, there was a very sad story in the news about a deadly school shooting in Germany where over one dozen people were killed. Over the past few decades, America has had it’s own share of grief over fatal school shootings such as Columbine, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech, and many more. While many countries have used gun violence as a rational for tightening gun laws, for the most part, the debate in America continues. While many can hardly deny the validity of the rights given from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution (the right to … Read More

Oversight of the Treasury Bailout Plan

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As the economy continues to be at the forefront of many Americans’ concerns, President Obama and Congress continue to wrestle with various solutions. The government’s initial efforts at correcting the country’s financial problems came under President Bush’s administration in the form of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) which promised approximately $350 billion to banks and other financial insititutions beginning in October 2007. Many Americans, including Congress and President Obama, are gravely concerned about the lack of oversight in this initial plan – there are billions of dollars unaccounted for and it appears that, while the money has been given … Read More

New Database Makes Car Fraud Data Accessable to Public

In the market for a used car? In addition to checking out all those little mechanical issues like brakes, the engine, etc., you may also consider checking on the history of the car. A history check can include not only prior owners, but whether or not you are about to purchase a stolen vehicle. As a result of a recently concluded lawsuit, it is now easier for everyday people to check the fraud status of a vehicle.

A database called the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) finally became available for public access on January 30, 2009. Apparently Congress … Read More

New Presidency Could Mean More Transparency for Public Records

Now that all the glitter and excitement from the inauguration ceremony and balls has passed, it is time for our new President to get to work. In our trying times of war, global warming, and a bad economy, there is a lot of work to be done. Thus, it is interesting to watch what actions the new President will make first. President Obama has made it clear during his campaign that a transparency in government is an important issue to him. Well, in a move that made many public records advocates excited, one of President Obama’s first signings this week … Read More

California Groups Seek to Expand Access to Legislative Records

Californians, do you want to know the voting patterns of your elected officials? Would you like to see whether campaign contributions affected their vote? In this time of economic crisis, global warming, and the wars on terror, it is very important to know where legislators stand on various issues. With a closer look, you may find that what your politician promised is not exactly what he/she did. Or, you could be pleasantly surprised by the voting decisions. Either way, as voting, taxing paying citizens, we all have a right got know how the men and women we elected decide to … Read More

New Federal Register Site Provides Online Access To Documents!

With the housing crisis, banking crisis, unemployment crisis, and all the other general crisis that our country is facing, the government is constantly in a scramble to create new legislation to deal with the current mess. There is so much paper work, proposals, and legislation, that most of us everyday people don’t have a clue about half of what is going on. With the Freedom of Information Act, as citizens, we are granted the authority to make document requests of public documents. However, making such requests can often be time consuming, and even costly. Furthermore, if you don’t have the … Read More

New Public Records Finder Tool

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We’re pleased to introduce our new Public Record Finder tool for your iGoogle homepage. You can use this gadget to get to our Public Records Directory pages right from your own homepage.

Bloggers and website operators can easily publish an html version of this tool, just like the one above!

Drop us a comment when you install this on your site!… Read More

Public Record and Social Security Numbers

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Identity theft could happen to any one of us at any time. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), about 9 million Americans become victims of identity theft every year. Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information and uses this information to commit further crimes. The type of personal information typically stolen includes social security numbers and credit card numbers. These thieves may use your stolen identity to write bad checks under your name, take out loans, apply for credit cards, get government benefits, or even get a job.

Identity theft is such a serious crime because it … Read More