Bar Associations – Find a Lawyer and More

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Since there are a number of reasons for obtaining information about a lawyer, you may want to use our website to either find a lawyer or research a lawyer. Using our “Bar Association Records Resources” website, you can access State Bar Association lawyer directories for all 50 states. Each of the State Bar Associations provide online access to its directory of lawyers. Also included on our website are links to certain County Bar Associations by state.

Depending on your specific state, you may be able to search for a lawyer in a variety of ways. The Alabama State Bar “Member Search” includes a search by last name, city, firm or law school. The Arizona “Find a Lawyer” provides a search by city, specialty or language spoken. Colorado’s Bar Association website also provides a search by name, area of practice, region or language.

On the Kansas Bar Association “member search,” you can search for a lawyer within a certain distance, and West Virginia’s “Find a Lawyer” website allows a search by practice, zip code or radius with results shown on an interactive map.

Some of the Bar Associations provide other types of searches such as Florida’s “Defense Lawyers Association Directory” and Florida’s “Criminal Defense Lawyers Directory.” The State Bar of Texas has an extensive “Find a Lawyer” website including searches by education, practice area, services provided, language assistance and law school.

In addition to accessing California’s “Attorney Search,” the website has a great section on “How Can I Find and Hire the Right Lawyer?” Another service provided by State Bar Associations are websites that include disciplinary actions such as Washington DC “Attorney Discipline System,” Massachusetts “Disciplinary Decisions” by year from 1999 to present, and the Virginia State Bar’s “Attorney Records Search” includes information about attorneys disciplined since January 1991.

As you can see, rather than looking online for an attorney through a random name search or attempting to search the yellow pages for an attorney, the State Bar Association websites are a perfect way to check the status of an attorney or to find an attorney either by name, type of practice, language spoken or location.

If you have other research needs, please use our “Free Public Records Search Directory” which can be searched by type of record, state, county or city and includes such records as court records, crime reports, laws, land records, genealogy records, and more.