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Recorded Document Search

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Do you need a copy of the deed to your home, a copy of your mortgage papers, or another type of recorded document but don’t know where to look? There is an office that handles recorded land records in every county, city or town, depending on the state.  In some states, it is the Recorder’s Office, in some states it is the Clerk’s Office, and in some states it is the Register of Deeds Office.

Many counties, towns and cities offer online access to recorded documents, others offer online access to the index of records with image copies available for … Read More

Assessment Records Research – New Jersey

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If you live in New Jersey and would like to research the assessment records of a property anywhere in the state, the following information will be helpful. Assessment records can be used to determine the owner of a property, the assessed value of a property, the size of a property, or the sales history including ownership document numbers.

Our “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides links to assessment records for all 50 states. Each state has a system for establishing assessment records and is generally available online by county and/or city. If online information is not available, contact … Read More

Texas Jail Inmate Records

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One of the many public records links that we provide on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” is jail and inmate record links. Since many states, counties and cities provide online access to inmate records, we provide links to jails and detention centers throughout the United States 

Since there are many reasons for researching inmate records, our website can assist with your search and provide valuable information whether you are a spouse, relative, witness or victim.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers an offender information search by name and also a variety of reports regarding … Read More

Virginia Assessor Records

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If you are interested in researching the assessed value of a property in Virginia, this article will provide the necessary steps to conduct your search.

Available information. There are many reasons for researching property values, depending on the Virginia county or city, assessor records generally provide the following information:

• Owner Name and Taxpayer Name (if different).
• Address and Zoning
• Physical Description of Improvements
• Sales History and Ownership Document Numbers
• Legal Description and GIS Maps
• Assessed Value of Improvements and Land

How to get started. On our “Free Public Records Search DirectoryRead More

Arizona Inmate Records

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If you need to research information about current or former inmates in Arizona, you can access those records using our “Arizona Jail and Inmate Records Directory” website.  Whether you are searching for someone from your past, a missing relative or confirming the status of an inmate, this site can assist you with your search.

The State of Arizona maintains a database containing over 112,000 inmate records relating to those who have been in the custody of the Department of Corrections in 1985 or at any time thereafter.  There are approximately 26,000 active records.  The records can be searched … Read More

Assessor and Property Tax Records Research

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If you are a real estate professional or a property owner, and need to obtain ownership or tax assessment information about a specific property, you can find that type of information by state and county using our “Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory.” Our “Free Public Records Search Directory” is comprised of a variety of public record categories with one of the categories being “Assessor and Property Tax Records.”

What type of information is available? Depending on the state and county, the following information is generally available using our “Assessor Records” website.
• Owner … Read More

Warrants in Texas

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If you live in Texas and would like to research an arrest warrant, our “Texas Warrants Directory” provides links to a variety of resources containing arrest warrants and wanted persons.

Types of warrants. Available warrant links include:
• Child Support Evaders
• Located or Arrested Child Support Evaders
• Texas Department of Public Safety “10 Most Wanted Fugitives”
• U.S. Drug Enforcement – Texas Division
• Hot Check Warrants
• County and City Police Department Warrants
• Additional types of warrants

How to search. You can easily research the warrants in Texas by using these following … Read More

How to Use “Free Public Records Search Directory”

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If you are looking to research free public records, our “Free Public Records Search Directory” can help you find the information you need in a quick and easy manner. Since understanding public records can be overwhelming, Online Searches has answered  many of your most frequently asked questions to help you navigate our site and to simplify your search.

What is a public record?

A public record is any information, minutes, files, maps, accounts or other records that a government agency is required to maintain and make accessible to the public.  Examples of public records include land records, birth … Read More

Is Your Child’s College Campus Safe?

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At this time of year, parents are preparing to send their sons or daughters off to college. One of the many concerns is how safe the college campus will be. Fortunately for parents and students, a number of steps have been taken to increase the safety on campuses all across the country.

In 1990, Congress passed a law named the “Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act,” also known as the “Clery Act.” The law has been amended several times since and requires both private and public colleges to keep and disclose crime statistics for crimes both on and near the … Read More

Search for a Licensed Professional

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Is there someone with a professional license that you would like to research or do you want to find a licensed professional in your area? If so, our “Professional License Records Resources” page contains a number of links for professional licenses such as accountants, architects, engineers, insurance agents, real estate agents, and more.

Our main “Professional License” page contains national links for “mortgage licensing,” “emergency medical technicians,” “brokerage firm brokers,” and others. In addition to the national links, most states offer online searches for a variety of professions. Here are some examples … Read More