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Public Records Opt Out?

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We had this question from a user:

I am a Criminal Investigator [ law enforcement ] [Florida ]. I would like to remove my personal information from public record. Anyone that has my first and last name, can put it in a people search database and retrieve my home address, along with the names of family members. Please let me know what steps I need to take in order to remove my information from public Record. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

We can certainly understand the concern. Most public records information is collected by government … Read More

Save the Data!

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Next week, Congress is going to vote on a budget that may decimate funding for some of the most important technology programs that help make Washington accountable.

Take action now to Save the Data.,, the IT Dashboard and other federal data transparency and government accountability programs are on the chopping block, set to have their budget reduced from $34 million to $2 million. These programs make up only a tiny fraction of the federal budget and are designed to help the public see what the government is doing, where it’s spending money and help to hold the … Read More

Live Radiation Monitoring Data

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Hopefully we’re getting accurate information from the government that there is no danger to the U.S. from radiation originating from the failed reactors in Japan.

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency provides live radiation monitoring reading for dozens of sites all over the country.

We have added this link to our national page and to our environment and sustainability category page.… Read More

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This post is reposted from the Sunlight Foundation.

Congress doesn’t know much it’s spending. And we can prove it.

In 2007, then-Senator Obama and Senator Tom Coburn championed into law, a website meant to provide the public with information about how the federal government spends our tax dollars. This was an important step toward making public information available online. The idea was that each agency would report what they were spending and how they were spending it to one easy to access website.

The government website is impressive, at least on the surface. But now the site has … Read More

Removing personal information from Public Records

We get quite a few comments at the Public Records Free Directory from users who would like to have their personal information removed from public records. The term ‘public record’ means different things to different people, so a little background might be helpful.

In the strictest sense, ‘public records’ refers to those records held by governments that are accessible to the public. Court records, property tax records, deeds and other recorded documents, vital statistics, and business license records are some of the more common types of public records. For the most part, one can not have this type of public … Read More

Public Records on your Mobile Device

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Mobile Public Records Screenshot The Public Records Free Directory had launched a new mobile device service.

This streamlined version of the directory allows input of a zip code or a city and state name along with the type of public record needed. The service will return links and contact information of just the area and type you’re looking for.

The Mobile Public Records service is available at and .

Please let us know what you think, future expansions are possible!… Read More

The New Gun Debate

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This past week, there was a very sad story in the news about a deadly school shooting in Germany where over one dozen people were killed. Over the past few decades, America has had it’s own share of grief over fatal school shootings such as Columbine, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech, and many more. While many countries have used gun violence as a rational for tightening gun laws, for the most part, the debate in America continues. While many can hardly deny the validity of the rights given from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution (the right to … Read More

Find Historical Documents at Your State Archive Office

Public records can be a valuable source of information for many reasons. Through public records resources and through agencies responsible for housing public records, you can find access to anything from birth records to voter records. Such information is useful in performing genealogy research, background checks, and more.

Each type of public record may be managed by its own government agency. For example, property tax records may be managed by an Assessor Office, while vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce records), may be run by the a state ‘s department of health or county clerk. Yet, even with the … Read More