Attorney Referral Services: The Painless Way to Find A Good Attorney

Are you looking for a good attorney, but don’t know where to find one? Whether you are going through a divorce, bankruptcy, looking to create a will, or had a car accident, finding the right attorney can make a life altering difference. The right attorney can effectively guide you through whatever legal challenge you are facing. However, the number of attorneys and practice areas is so vast, that actually knowing which attorney to call for assistance can be overwhelming. Attorney referral services were create to help with such a problem.

Bar Associations in your state can provide attorney referral services to help you choose the right attorney for your situation. While some state Bar Associations may be privately run, they are governed by a set of rules from the American Bar Association (ABA) which require them to provide an unbiased service to the public.

Additionally, the ABA also provides an attorney referral program called The Lawyer Referral Directory which can make your search even easier. Their service allows users to choose which state they require legal assistance in, then users are directed to a page which lists the Bar Associations in the chosen state. Some states may have several Bar Associations with attorney referral programs, based on county. For example Washington State has services in several counties including King County, Kitsap County, and Snohomish. Yet in Iowa, there is only one service with the Iowa Bar Association.

Once you contact the referral service, someone will speak with you regarding the issue you need assistance with. They will then direct you to attorney who is qualified to assist you with your specific situation. In general, attorney referral services are for individuals who can afford to pay legal fees. Attorney fees can range anywhere from $100-$400 per hour. However, through the use of these services, often the first half hour consultation with an attorney could be as low as $20. Also, if you are unable to pay for an attorney, many referral services can point you in the direction of attorneys who assist low income clients.

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