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If you live in New Jersey and would like to research the assessment records of a property anywhere in the state, the following information will be helpful. Assessment records can be used to determine the owner of a property, the assessed value of a property, the size of a property, or the sales history including ownership document numbers.

Our “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides links to assessment records for all 50 states. Each state has a system for establishing assessment records and is generally available online by county and/or city. If online information is not available, contact information is provided on our website for each county office responsible for assessment records.

New Jersey offers an online property search database that can be searched by county and/or city and can be accessed through our “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page. On the main page, click on the “Assessor and Property Tax Records” link under the heading “Search Public Records by Type of Record.” On the main “Assessor and Property Tax Records Resources” page, choose New Jersey.

Choose a County. On the “New Jersey Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory” page, scroll to the county where the property is located and click on “Property Search.” As an example, click on Hudson County “Property Search” to access the County’s “Assessment Records Search” page.

Search Results. After entering the required information such as district, owner name or lot and block, the search results will be provided. The property records can also be searched by address, vacant land, residential property or sale date range.

After entering the required information, the search results include:
• Owner Name – Taxpayer Name (if different)
• Property Location (Street Address)
• Improvement Description (Square Feet and Year Built)
• Land Description (Size of Lot and Zoning)
• Sale Information (Sale Date, Sale Price and Grantee)
• Assessment Information (Owner Name, Year, Land Value and Improvement Value)

County Links. Click on “Return to Results” in the upper right hand corner of the page to return to the “New Jersey Assessor and Property Tax Records” main page. On this page you can choose another county or city property search link or return to the main “Assessor and Property Tax Records” page by clicking on either “Home” or “Free Searches” located in the upper left hand corner to access assessment records of another state.

Main Page. After concluding your search, you can close the link or click either “Home” or “Free Searches” to return to the main “Free Public Records Search Directory” page in order to conduct other types of public record searches including land records and deeds, laws and codes, permits and inspections, and more.

Whether you’re researching the assessed value of your property, the current zoning of a potential investment or the sales price of the house down the street, you should be able to find the information that you need using the steps outlined above. Please check back soon for future articles about our website and some of the many search possibilities.