Arizona Inmate Records

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If you need to research information about current or former inmates in Arizona, you can access those records using our “Arizona Jail and Inmate Records Directory” website.  Whether you are searching for someone from your past, a missing relative or confirming the status of an inmate, this site can assist you with your search.

The State of Arizona maintains a database containing over 112,000 inmate records relating to those who have been in the custody of the Department of Corrections in 1985 or at any time thereafter.  There are approximately 26,000 active records.  The records can be searched by inmate number or inmate name.  The search can be narrowed by those currently in custody, those that have been released, those on supervised parole and those who have absconded from parole.

How to access jail and inmate records.  Using the following steps you can easily access Arizona jail and inmate records.

1.      Main “Public Records” page.  On our “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page, click on the “Arizona” link to navigate to the “Arizona Free Public Records Directory.

2.      Choose a public record category.  On the “Arizona Free Public Records” page, click on “Choose a Public Record Category” and select “Jail and Inmate Records.”

3.      Choose state link.  On the “Arizona Jail and Inmate Records Directory” website, select the Arizona statewide “Inmate Records” link.  On Arizona’s inmate records website, you can search inmate records by Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) inmate number or last name and first initial.  The search can be narrowed by gender or current status (active, inactive, parolee or absconder).  The search results will include inmate information such as:

  • Basic inmate data (photo, birthdate, physical description)
  • Commitment Information
  • Sentence Information
  • Infractions
  • Parole Action/Placement
  • Warrant Information

4.      Return to county links.  If you’d like to return to the main “Arizona Jail and Inmate Recordspage after concluding your search, you can click on “Return to Results” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

5.      County links.  Some of the Arizona counties provide links to county jail inmate records.  One of the available links is Maricopa County’s “Jail Bookings,” which provides a searchable link by inmate name.  The search results provide a mugshot of the inmate, date of booking and charges.  The website also provides mugshots which can be viewed by type of crime.  Some of the crime categories include the following:

  • Deadbeat parents
  • Drug offenses
  • Probation violation
  • Theft / Criminal trespass and burglary
  • Other types of crimes

6.      Return to home page.  When you have completed your search, you can return to the main “Free Public Records Search Directory” website by choosing “Home” or “Free Searches” located in the upper left corner of the page.

The “Free Public Records Search Directory” website provides links to a variety of public records by state and category.  A list of the types of records available are shown on the right side of the main page and include such records as land records, crime data, voter information, warrants, and more.  Watch for future blog articles regarding our website and ways to simplify your public record searches.