Alabama’s Property Searches and GIS Maps

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Do you live in Alabama and wonder if the value of your property has recently gone up or how much your property taxes will be this year? Would you like to see your property or another property through interactive GIS maps? Since you live in Alabama, you’re in luck because all of the counties provide online property information.  The extent of the information varies by county but generally includes: “Property Appraisal Information;” “Property Tax Information;” and “Interactive GIS Maps.”  All three types of information can be searched by owner name, address, parcel number and PPIN.

How to get started with your research.  Click on the “Assessor and Property Tax Records” link under “Search Public Records by Type of Record” heading on our main “Free Public Records Search Directory” page.  This will take you to our “Assessor and Property Tax Records Resources” main page, and on this page choose “Alabama” for the “Alabama Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory” page.

Scroll down to county.  On the “Alabama Assessor” page, using Lee County as an example, click on Lee County “Property Search and Mapping” link and on the search page choose “Real Estate Tax Information” link.

Enter required information. Upon entering required information, click on appropriate results link.  Property tax results include owner name, address, parcel number, current and prior year’s property tax amount and date paid.  At the bottom of the page, click on “Search” and then “Assessment and Real Property Appraisal.”  Assessment results include name, address, parcel number, deed type, previous owner, last deed date and property values.   At the bottom of the page, click on “Search” and then “Property Maps” to view property map and in some cases building sketch and building photo.  When done, close each individual search result page.   In the upper right hand corner of the main results page of your specific county, click on “Return to Results” to return to the “Alabama Assessor” main page.  Each county property link may vary slightly but can be searched using similar steps.

Additional research.  If you’d like to search another type of public record,  click on “Home” or “Free Searches” in the upper left hand corner of the page to return to our main “Free Public Records Search Directory” page.   If you’d like to continue with property related searches, you can choose “Land Records and Deeds” or “GIS Maps” from the list of available record types.

We hope that this article was helpful in conducting your property related research.  Our website provides a large variety of records and we strive to publish blog articles which will help users conduct their research in the most effective and efficient way possible.  Please watch for future articles regarding our public records website and its vast number of available links.

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