Accessing UCC Filing Records

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UCC stands for “Uniform Commercial Code, which is a set of laws that provide legal rules and regulations governing business dealings and transactions. This code was first published in 1952 and has been revised several times over the years. The code was created to make it easy for companies to conduct business across the United States. The UCC has been enacted, with some local variations, in all 50 states.

UCC filings primarily deal with transactions involving personal property, such as machinery, equipment, and livestock. The UCC does not address dealings in real property, such as land or houses. UCC filings can include documents such as tax liens, bank deposits, fund transfers, secured interest, letters of credit, etc.

UCC financing statements record and protect a secured party’s interest in the collateral offered by a debtor for a loan. The UCC system gives public notice of the debtor-secured party relationship and the collateral involved. UCC filings are primarily maintained at a central state agency, such as the Secretary of State’s office. These records are considered public information and can often be researched online.

For example, you can search the Indiana Secretary of State UCC database and obtain official search certificates right from your desk. An informal search allows you to browse lien records and print associated images of UCC filings. This search is helpful if you are not sure of the exact name for the debtor you are searching. However, a search certificate (listing) is not available from this browse search. An official UCC Search Certificate will generate a listing of liens by debtor name. Additionally, you can print images of UCC filings.

The Idaho Secretary of State provides a free basic lien search online. This search provides the filing number of the lien, the company or individual listed as the debtor, and indicates the status of the lien (current, lapsed, etc.). Additionally, a premium search service is also available online, which will provide access to more specific information regarding the searched party, including the debtor(s), secured party(s), collateral, and any amendments that have been filed. You may also view the actual filed documents. The premium search service requires a subscription to Access Idaho’s Premium Service.

To locate UCC filings in your state, visit the Free Public Records Directory, UCC Filing Records Resources category page. There you can easily search for available UCC records by state, and in some cases, by county as well. You can also find access to other public business records, such as corporate records, trademarks, registered business names, lobbyists, and notaries, as well as other many other public records at the Free Public Records Directory. Public records can be searched for by category, state, county, or municipality.

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