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Motor vehicle licenses are issued by each state, and each state maintains its own database of driving records. A driving record contains a history of violations, convictions, collisions, suspensions, and revocations. Each state has its own rules and regulations for requesting driving records, and many provide online access to your own driving records. Driving records are a public record; however, personal information is not available to the general public. The Federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act restricts access to driver records that contain personal information such as name, address, social security number, and medical information. You must have written consent from the person or meet one of the legal exemptions to obtain this information. Personal information protected under DPPA does not include driver’s status, and some states provide this information online as well. A status check can verify whether or not a license is valid, suspended, expired, revoked, canceled, or if the driver never had one.

You can verify whether a person has a valid Washington State driver license, instruction permit, or ID card through the Washington State Department of Licensing’s online database by entering their driver license, permit, or ID card number. To find out about collisions, violations, convictions, or license suspensions, you have to request a copy of the driving record. A complete record includes convictions, violations, collisions, suspensions, revocations, and disqualifications, deferred prosecutions, and failures to appear. A complete record can only be accessed by the person named on the driving record, attorneys, law and justice agencies, or governmental agencies.

Massachusetts also provides online verification of their driver’s licenses, permits and ID cards. You will need to enter your license, permit or ID number, full name, and date of birth to obtain information. The information provided includes class, type, status, expiration date, method of next renewal, and any outstanding obligations associated with the license, permit or ID number provided. You can also order “Unattested” or “True & Attested” Massachusetts driving records online. An unattested driving record is primarily used for personal or informational purposes and can be accessed online. A True and Attested driving record is primarily used for official and court purposes and can only be mailed to the record holder at the address that is on file with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Texas driver license holders can request their own driver record through the Texas Department of Public Safety Online Driver Record Request System and print their record right from their home or office. The types of records that can be that can be requested are status record, 3-year history record, list of all accidents and violations, certified 3-year history, certified list of all accidents and violations, and certified abstract of complete driving record.

In Florida, you can search driver license status by driver license number through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle’s online database. Additionally, parents can also access the driving records of their minor children. Along with the driver’s license number, you must also provide the last four digits of the driver’s social security number and the date of birth to view their driving history. This service also allows you to update your insurance information or social security number online as well.

Whether you want to review your own driving history or check the driver status of a potential employee or nanny, a driving record offers valuable information. You can access these records by state at the Free Public Records Directory. This site also provides links and resources to many other types of public records, including property tax and assessment records, inmate records, professional licenses, laws and codes, foreclosures, vital records, and more. Public records can be searched for by category, state, county, and municipality.

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