A New Type of Court Record

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CourtReference loves court records. Each of our state guides has links to many different kinds of court-related resources, but the most popular are the links to online court records. If your court doesn’t have records online – or if you need to see the original hardcopy – each CourtReference state guide provides contact information for every trial court in the state, so you can locate the court and arrange to see the records.

We like to talk about court records on this blog too; we’ve covered the things you need to know about court records here, the many new court record resources being added here and here, technology and access issues here, tips for name searches here, and misconceptions about court records (including which are free and which are not) here.

We like court records so much that we’re always on the lookout for new ones, and more and more courts are putting their records online. We like to see new types of records too. Brief reports of procedural events are fine, but images of actual court documents are even better.

How about online recordings of court hearings? They have recently become available for some municipal courts in Washington State. They are provided by a private company, but they’re free to users. Here’s an example from the City of Bothell WA. Note that these audio sessions are not searchable by party name, case number, or other typical court record search options. But if you know the date of the case you’re interested in, you can listen to that day’s proceedings and it’s almost like being in the courtroom.

We have links to these on our Washington Courts Guide’s “Search Court Case Records” category page; just scroll down to King County to find links to five Municipal Courts’ audio sessions.

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