A New Look for CourtReference.com

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We’ve made it easier for you to find the court-related information you need on CourtReference.com. When you search for your local court information on CourtReference.com, you will select a county; then CourtReference.com will display a page containing a list of all the courts in that county, along with contact information for each court.

Until our recent re-design, each court’s information was followed by three links: an “Online Resources” link, a “Map This Court” link, and a link containing the name of the court. If you didn’t know what those links meant – or didn’t realize they were links, even though they were bold and underlined – you might not click on them. By not clicking on them, you would miss out on a full page of links to resources related to that court (“Online Resources”), a map and directions to the court (“Map This Court”), and the court’s own website (the name of the court, bold and underlined).

Now those links are gone, and all you see is the name of each court followed by its contact information. But now the only instance of the court name is bold and underlined – the only obvious link for that particular court. When you click that link, CourtReference.com now displays a page containing the court contact information plus an obvious link to the court’s website (“Website”) if it has one, plus a map to the court, plus a link to “Directions” to the court if the map is not sufficient, plus all of the links to related resources on the same page.

An easy example is the first county in the first state, alphabetically: Autauga County, Alabama.

  • Start at www.courtreference.com
  • In the “Select a state below to get started” list, click “Alabama Courts” and you’ll be taken to our main Alabama page
  • In the “Directory of Alabama Courts by County” drop-down menu (or from the list of counties at the bottom of the page), select “Autauga” and you’ll be taken to our main Autauga County page

… and you will see all of the trial courts in Autauga County, along with their contact information. Interested in Prattville Municipal Court? Just click the bold/underlined¬†Prattville Municipal Court¬†link, and you’ll be taken to the Prattville Municipal Court page containing everything related to just that court: contact information, map and directions, and all related links.

We think this will make it easier to locate the information you need about each court. You won’t have to figure out what “Online Resources” means, or why the court name is displayed twice. Please note that some of our earlier blog posts, such as:

suggest clicking “Online Resources” to be taken to links to court records and other resources. Now you don’t have to do that; just click the court name and everything you ever wanted to know about that court is in one place.

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