Western Washington Cities – Public Information Alliance

If you live in Western Washington, you may be happy to learn of an alliance of cities that offers six website portals that are available to access a variety of public information in the Puget Sound region. All six of the portals can be searched by specific city or all cities at once.

In 2001, a group of 9 Western Washington cities formed an alliance known as “eCityGov Alliance” to provide online access to various resources. The original cities in the Alliance were: Bellevue, Bothell, Issaquah, Kenmore, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Sammamish, Snoqualmie, and Woodinville. By combining the financial and technological resources of the various cities, the Alliance was able to offer services that might not otherwise be available.

The six public information portals include: 1) “MyBuildingPermit.com” which makes it possible to apply and pay for various building permits. You can also search the permit status and make inspection requests online; 2) “MyParksandRecreation.com” allows a search of the region for parks, trails or facilities including access to activities and classes and online registration; 3) “NWMaps.net” provides property information searches such as zoning, utility services, active building permits, environmental areas including wetlands, conservation, and more through GIS maps; 4) “NWProperty.net” where you can search for available commercial and industrial property also through GIS maps; 5) “SharedProcurementPortal.com” provides bid opportunities and Requests for Proposals information; and 6) “GovJobsToday.com” allows a job search by city, type and category.

In the years since 2001, the Alliance has added additional cities as subscribers to its services. By 2008, there were 39 participating municipalities and agencies. The link “Member Cities” gives a complete list of cities and portals offered by member cities and subscriber cities. As of this date, 1.3 million citizens and businesses are served by the websites created by the original 9 member cities. The Alliance has also been a model for other agencies demonstrating how successful a collaboration of various municipalities and governmental agencies can be.

Whether you are searching for a job, researching your property, or looking for a park in a nearby city, these websites offer a unique opportunity to access records for a number of jurisdictions all at one time.

If you’d like to research or access public records for other states, counties, cities or towns, you can find links to land records, building permits, government jobs, and more using “Free Public Records Search Directory.”

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