Using Court Records for Background Investigations

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Background investigations are an interesting method for uncovering the truth about those we may or may not want to let into our lives.   Background investigation is the process of viewing records to find out the history of a person.   These investigations are commonly performed by employers, especially for jobs where there may be access to sensitive information.  However, private individuals may also be interested in running background investigations on certain people in their lives.  A thorough background investigation can produce information including full name, address, employment history, financial history, and criminal history.  It seems that as the world becomes a scarier place, we want to know more about the people around us, for our own protection. While there are many companies you could pay to perform a background investigation for you, there is also information you can find on your own, for free.

One place to start that could produce a lot of useful information is court records.  Court records are public records, which you can typically search for free.  Also, many courts place records online, which makes your search even easier. A quick search using someone’s name could reveal if they are involved in any litigation, and what type.  For example, if there was a divorce proceeding he/she was involved in, you could learn about this by viewing the records from the case.  Records from bankruptcy courts are also a great way to learn more about someone.  Bankruptcy records could reveal any liens or other debts.  Also, viewing these records may be especially useful if you are planning to go into business with the person.  Furthermore, one of the most important searches that can be performed through court records is criminal history.  A criminal court record will reveal exactly what type of crime was committed and when.

If you know the state and county where the person lives or has lived, you may want to start you search first at the county level.  Also, it is important to keep in mind that some states may have different courts depending on the type of cases heard.  Some states may have separate family courts for hearing divorce cases and states may separate courts for criminal and civil cases.

To locate online and offline resources for court records, visit  This site provides a guide that explains what types of cases are heard in the trial courts of all the states in the U.S.  There are also directories for court contact information and online search options.

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