Trace Your Oakland County, Michigan Ancestors Online

The Oakland County, Michigan Clerk has recently added a new online genealogy research service. This service allows you to search for and order marriage and death records that have occurred in Oakland County. This site currently provides access to records dating back to 1941; however older records are gradually being added into the system.

You can search for marriage and death records by name. To narrow your results, you can enter the year of death or marriage. Marriage index results provide the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of marriage. Death index results show the deceased name, date of death, and location. If you find a record you are interested in, you can simply click a link to order a copy of the full record.

If you would like to research marriage and death records between 1935 and 1941, you can order these records from the Clerk’s Office. Marriage or death records prior to 1935 can only be obtained in person or by mail. Oakland County also has birth records, but Michigan birth certificates created less than 100 years ago are restricted, and are only available to the individual named on the record, their parents, legal guardian, legal representative, or an heir if the registrant is deceased.

For additional genealogy resources in Michigan, please visit the Michigan Vital Statistics Directory. The Free Public Records Directory provides genealogy records as well many other public records throughout the country.

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