Teacher Misconduct Records Go Online

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The Free Public Records Directory Blog reports on several online databases of teacher misconduct records, including a new nationwide database.

These databases do not contain complete information about why a teacher has a discipline record, but there are ways to find more information. Even though online teacher misconduct records may not have details about why a teacher has a discipline record, other public records can be searched to find more information.

CourtReference.com and The Free Public Records Directory are sites that can help find online court records, law enforcement records and court contact information in every state.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Misconduct Records Go Online

  1. Rosa

    This is terrible. These poor teachers are grossly underpaid, do their jobs with no power and a heap of fear, and now every blunder can be found with a click of a button. Have you been to a Public High School? These kids are GIANTS and they know the law, they are crafty manipulaters at the ripe age of 16….though you can find ‘more info on discplinary actions’ I seriously doubt any one inquiring will always continue to investgate. It’s shameful really. I’m sure this was started with good intentions, but the road to hell is paved in ‘good intentions’.

  2. Chrissy Castro

    Your a joke Rosa, you know how many teachers are cited with sexual misconduct? Your gonna tell me that a well educated ADULT is more of a master manipulator than a child! Also, if teachers were so great and they cared about the kids we wouldn’t have all public school teachers in Chicago picketing the streets! These teachers didn’t like the fact they would stand on the success of the children they teach! No they don’t want how well they do their JOB to declare what their pay is! That’s why public school kids are loosing, passing year after year yet don’t even know the material they learned! You lady are a joke the teachers that do their jobs and teach our kids well then they should make good money! THE TEACHERS THAT DON’T CARE WEATHER KIDS PASS OR FAIL THEN SHOULD NOT BE PAID WHAT A GREAT TEACHER MAKES! Teachers unions are screwing our Publically Taught children! Ever wonder while privately taught kids are so much smarter and have better teachers because the teachers get paid by how they teach and the results that follow! Think about that Rosa and everyone else who thinks all teachers are great because they are not all equal!


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