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Calculating Damages

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How do you calculate what someone should pay you for an injury? How do you put a number on seemingly intangible categories such as pain, lost time, inconvenience, embarrassment, etc.? If you have an issue and are considering legal action, there are questions you may need to ask yourself. Whether or not you will use an attorney to represent your case, understanding the value of your claim could be an important piece of knowledge. If you are being compensated financially, this is generally known as damages.

In cases involving personal injury, also known as torts, financial compensation is the usual … Read More

Contracts in the Legal System

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Contracts are often a part of our lives in one form or another.  Between documents such as leases, mortgages, business agreements, most people have likely become a party to contract at least once in their lives.  Essentially a contract is a document which legally binds the relevant parties to certain acts or responsibilities.  Implementing a contractual agreement provides protection to the parties, and legal remedies if the contract is not fulfilled.

To create a legally binding contract between parties requires three ingredients.  Offer, acceptance of the offer, and consideration (an exchange of something of value).  The thing of value does … Read More