Small Claims Case Records

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Small claims courts have often been referred to as “the people’s court.” This is because if an individual has a small claims case, they can represent themselves in court and do not need an attorney. Small claims cases are resolved between two private parties, generally without a jury.

Small claims cases are civil cases where the plaintiff is seeking a limited dollar amount. The exact dollar amount for small claims cases will vary from state to state. In Oregon, small claims cases involve claims of up to $7,500.00, whereas in California, the limit is $5,000.00, and Arizona’s limit is $2,500.00. However, it is important to remember that small claims courts are generally only available for cases involving a money judgment. So, for example, restraining orders typically would not be found in a small claims court.

Small claim courts can be a quick and easy way to resolve certain disputes. Most states provide very helpful manuals designed to assist people the process of a small claims case.

If you are looking for the records associated with a small claims case, there may not be a court called a “small claims court” for you to look to. The court associated with these records will vary from state to state and while some courts will name a “small claims court” or “small claims division,” others will not. Visit to find out where small claims cases are located in your state. Also, if your state does not have a specific “small claims court” or “small claims division,” the best option for searching for these types of records is to perform a search in the same manner you would search for any other court record, such as by party name or case number. �

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