Searchable Online Access to FBI Records

If you’re interested in researching current or historic FBI activities or investigations, the FBI has recently created an online resource of documents regarding its various investigations conducted through the years. The online site is referred to as “The Vault.” The FBI’s new site contains previously unreleased files, files that were previously available but not scanned, and files that were previously available on other sites. These files span the history of the FBI.

If you’re a history buff, this site will keep you interested with its many different categories such as anti-war, civil rights, foreign counterintelligence, the gangster era, political figure events, and unexplained phenomenon. Perhaps you’ve heard of the 1947 sightings of UFO’s in Roswell, New Mexico. This new site includes the FBI’s investigation of the event.

You can let your imagination go wild since the site provides a keyword search, a topic search and an A-Z subject index. You can read about the FBI’s version of an event or the FBI’s investigation of a person including Bonnie and Clyde, Charles Lindburgh, Marilyn Monroe, World War II, September 11th and much more.

The FBI’s site provides public access to agency records. There are many other governmental agencies that provide online access to its documents. You can access national, state, county and other municipalities’ public records such as ordinances, public meeting minutes, legislative bills, laws, court records and other types of records using “Free Public Records Search Directory.” Some of the national links include “Cruise Ship Inspections,” “National Spending,” “National Archives,” and “Federal Trade Commission” reports to Congress.

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