Online Access to Virginia Circuit Court Cases

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Virginia provides good access for the public to search circuit court cases online.  Case information that is normally available includes the case number, party names, and filing date. Civil cases show the type of case and criminal cases show the offense date, charge, disposition and defendant’s date of birth. The date of birth is standardly abbreviated for privacy concerns.

Buckingham County had removed itself from the online court case information system as the court clerk had been concerned that potential jurors might use the system to research cases. However, at the request of the public, Buckingham County is now participating again in the online information system.

Three circuit courts still don’t make their court case information available online: City of Alexandria, Fairfax County, and City of Virginia Beach (although Virginia Beach cases prior to August 2009 are online).

There is a great deal more information about Virginia courts, including the District Courts, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts, court opinions and orders, self-help and legal research, court forms and online fine payments available at Court Reference’s Guide to Virginia Courts. Information about trial courts nationwide is also available on the Court Reference site.

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