New Online Court Records System Means Easy Access in Carter County

Need to know when your court hearing is? Curious about how much that big law suit settled for? Well, accessing court records in Carter County just got much easier. This week, Carter County District Court records went online as part of the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN). Several counties in Oklahoma already participate in the OSCN, and Carter County has finally joined the ranks.

Use of the new online system is complete free and provides easy access to all court information at the district court level. Online records searches can be performed by party name, party type (plaintiffs and defendants), case number, file date, and activity date. Online records are available from January 1, 1997 to present and are updated daily.

In Oklahoma, District Courts such as the Carter County District Court, are courts of general jurisdiction. So, the types of cases presented to the Carter County District Court include all civil and criminal cases for the county including small claims cases, juvenile cases, domestic relations cases, traffic cases, felonies, and misdemeanors.

Whether you are looking for information about a court case you’re involved in, or want to review information from other cases, an online system makes the search task quicker and easier. Without an online system, records and information requests usually require phone calls or visits to the courthouse, which isn’t always convenient. However, with the new online system, you will have easy access to records for any cases handled by the Carter County District Court. The only exceptions to the case types available online include confidential cases involving juveniles, adoptions, and mental health cases.

For further information about Oklahoma Courts and to find which Oklahoma counties provide online access to court records, visit the Court Records Reference and Directory for information and links. �

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