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As you know, Free Public Records Directory provides access to a variety of governmental public records.  However, you may not know that in addition to the 50 states and the District of Columbia, we provide public record links to U.S. national and federal websites, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

The “United States” public records pages include the “USA” website and many public record links unique to the national and federal level such as “Immigration & Customs Detainee Locator” to view current or recently released detainees,   “EPA Fugitives” wanted for environmental crimes,  “Korean War Casualties” searchable by state, “National College Campus Crime Information” searchable by geographic area or school name, “Aviation Accidents” searchable by date, state, and other criteria, and many other searchable links.

The “Island of Guam” main public records page includes a link to “Guam” which provides links to various departments and services including how to find a Guam governmental agency, environmental quality information, and more. The Guam main page also includes links for “Government Jobs, “Election Candidates” including rules to become a candidate,  a searchable list of “Contractor Licenses,” and more.

The main public records page for “Puerto Rico” includes a variety of public record links such as “DEA Most Wanted Persons” in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean, “Unclaimed Property,” “Trademark Search” for trademarks from 2008 to present, “Puerto Rico” main government page, and more. It also includes City of San Juan links such as “City of San Juan Department Directory,” “City of San Juan Resolutions and Ordinances” searchable from 2000 to current, and other City of San Juan links.

The “U.S. Virgin Islands” public records page includes links for the three main islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Together with the state page “Virgin Islands” providing links to various Virgin Island departments, there are links for “Environmental Protection” including air quality, drinking water, and hazardous waste,  “Ship Schedules” for cruise ships, “Suspects on House Arrest,” and other searchable links.

As you can see, whether you are searching for local or national information “Free Public Records Directory” provides links to a variety of public records including but not limited to property tax records, land records, governmental jobs, genealogy records, environmental health programs, business licenses, election results, recycling and waste management, and more.

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