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New Database Makes Car Fraud Data Accessable to Public

In the market for a used car? In addition to checking out all those little mechanical issues like brakes, the engine, etc., you may also consider checking on the history of the car. A history check can include not only prior owners, but whether or not you are about to purchase a stolen vehicle. As a result of a recently concluded lawsuit, it is now easier for everyday people to check the fraud status of a vehicle.

A database called the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) finally became available for public access on January 30, 2009. Apparently Congress … Read More

Report Littering Neighbors Online!

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Dealing with difficult and/or messy neighbors can really put a hamper on your home enjoyment experience. Also, in this unstable economy, if you are trying to sell property, you don’t necessarily want to be affected by any factors that could detract from the value of a home. Homebuyers and renters often look at an entire neighborhood to establish whether it is a location they want to call home. Government agencies and county officials often work hard to keep communities free of litter and trash. In one particular county in the U.S., they have created a very interactive solution to the … Read More

Ohio To Launch A Searchable Drunk Driver Database

In an effort to make the roads of Ohio a safer place, a new drunk driving law was recently passed by the Ohio legislature.  This new law creates several new additions to the OVI/OMWI regulations in that state.  OVI stands for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and OMWI stands for Operating A Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence. The new law includes earlier court ordered treatment programs, use of ankle bracelets for offenders who break their drunk driving parole, and the use of an interlock system which requires offenders to blow into to prove they have not consumed alcohol before … Read More

What Can Ohio €™s Public Records Laws Do for You? Find Out with Free Seminars!

Citizens of Ohio, are you taking advantage of the information available to you through Ohio’s Public Records laws? These laws were created to provide any interested parties with access to inspect and copy the records of the public offices of Ohio (O.R.C. 149.43). This might sound good, but what does it really mean for you?

Legislation can be wordy and confusing to everyday people, and as a result, many may never take full advantage of all the rights afforded to them. Fortunately, in addition to granting the general public with access to records, the Ohio’s Public Records laws … Read More

Identity Theft and Online Government Records

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The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have issued this warning about online access to government records:

There is an almost certain prospect that easy online access to personal information will prove a bonanza for not only identity thieves, but predatory businesses such as unscrupulous telemarketers.

… The thief may use personal information to obtain a credit card, a loan, open utility accounts, rent an apartment or even to complete major transactions such as purchasing a car or a home.

Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, loan account numbers, dates of birth, and bank account numbers represent

Read More

Summit County, Ohio naturalization records

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The  Summit County, Ohio,  Clerk of Courts has recently made a database of naturalization ( immigration ) records available online. Records from 1850 through 1991 are included. Search by name, country of origin, or file year. Results include document images of the citizen’s U.S. Naturalization Service Declaration of Intention form which contains origin information, physical description, address, and other personal information. There are quite a few naturalization record systems online, but this is the first one I’ve seen that contains records this recent or that includes images of the application documents. Check it out from our Summit County, Ohio Public Read More

Ohio Attorney General Backs Limits on Gun-Permit Data

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dunn recently issued an opinion prohibiting journalists from obtaining records of gun owners. Reporters are allowed to inspect records of those persons having permits to carry concealed weapons, but are not allowed to obtain, copy or make notes of these records. The reporter may, however, publish information about these records as long as the information obtained was from memory  alone.

 Critics state this law may be unconstitutional as it provides access only to journalists and not to the general public. Unconstitutional it may be; absurd it surely is.… Read More

Search Mahoning County Ohio Courts

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Cases in the Mahoning County, OH Common Pleas Court ( for General and Domestic Relations cases ) , and Probate Court are now available online. The two resources are located on separate pages. The county intends to expand coverage to other case types and courts in the near future. See our Mahoing County, OH page for links to the sites.… Read More