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Tax Courts

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I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t turn the nose up at the thought of paying taxes. As we write out our checks to the taxman, it’s easy to feel a little frustrated. Taxes are just one of those necessary evils that we collectively love to hate. However, there are instances, when there is a need to fight against amount charged for taxes, or the penalties incurred for non-payment. For these types of situations, the United State federal government and many individual states provide Tax Courts.

State Tax Courts deal strictly with state and local tax issues, while the … Read More

Montgomery County, Maryland – new links

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We added two new resources for Montgomery County, Maryland:

 Search the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection database of consumer complaints by the name of a merchant. Results include the number and status of complaints against a company but no other information.

Search the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services database of permits relating to construction, land use, and building use.… Read More