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DUI Records

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According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximately 41% of all traffic deaths in the U.S. were alcohol related in 2006.  Drunk driving is a major issue in our society, and many states have, and will continue to invest a lot in cracking down on drunk drivers.  Further statistics show that in 2006, 1.46 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  As such, drunk-driving cases could compose a major portion of the court records in your state.

In the United States, every state has a statute, or law, that … Read More

Confidential Intermediaries’ Access To Sealed Adoption Records

In United States, after an adoption is finalized, most states require that the court seal all court records and other documents related to the adoption. While these laws serve to protect the identity of innocent parties and those who wish to remain anonymous, they also present a hurdle for members of an adoption party who wish to find out information about an adoption proceeding they were involved in.

In an effort to protect information while also allowing access to information for parties who wish to find, and be found, many states have enacted laws which allow an individual, called a … Read More

Internet Security and Domestic Violence

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There is a wealth of information and resources available online that are designed to assist survivors of domestic violence with a range of legal issues, including child custody, safety planning and immigration.

There is also a serious warning about internet security related to using the internet to find help for protection from abuse. If the person that you are afraid of has access to the computer used to look for help, several organizations suggest deleting your browser history and taking additional steps to increase the security and safety of using the internet. offers a comprehensive explanation of … Read More

How To Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford It

The internet offers many online legal resources for people without attorneys, including legal information and other self-help resources. Some sites also link to organizations that offer free or low-cost legal assistance. The sites listed below are suggested as starting points to find online legal resources in every state.

Legal Information: Legal information is not legal advice, but it can outline the laws and procedures for different types of cases. Many general questions can be answered with online legal information.

Legal Assistance: Legal assistance can take several forms. Every state has organizations that offer free legal services to eligible

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 What we have not seen an improvement in is the information provided by … Read More