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Chancery Court

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Unless you live in Delaware, Mississippi, or Tennesse, you may not be familiar with the term Chancery Court. But Chancery Courts were part of the English judicial system for hundreds of years, were brought to the American colonies, and were part of most U.S. states’ early judicial systems.

The name itself originated outside of the judicial system; in Europe, starting with the Roman Empire, the Chancellor was in charge of government records. When today’s English legal system first began to develop after the Norman Conquest, the Chancery was the public records office, under the direction of the Lord Chancellor. Because … Read More


In recent news reports we have learned about the contamination of public water sources in West Virginia, and have been alerted to the potential impact of climate change on local water supplies.   Who ultimately decides disputes involving the protection, access and consumption of state water resources?

Generally, state courts have jurisdiction over local water rights created by state law.  State agencies with environmental and natural resources oversight further regulate water use and consumption policy in compliance with state law.   Conflicts involving water on reserved Federal and Indian land are resolved by negotiation and compact with state, federal and tribal authorities.… Read More

Bar Associations – Find a Lawyer and More

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Since there are a number of reasons for obtaining information about a lawyer, you may want to use our website to either find a lawyer or research a lawyer. Using our “Bar Association Records Resources” website, you can access State Bar Association lawyer directories for all 50 states. Each of the State Bar Associations provide online access to its directory of lawyers. Also included on our website are links to certain County Bar Associations by state.

Depending on your specific state, you may be able to search for a lawyer in a variety of ways. The Alabama State … Read More