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Maryland Launches Online Business Tool

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The State of Maryland has recently launched a website for purposes of generating economic growth in the State.  The site is designed to provide information about available financial incentives and increase governmental transparency of the state’s business development offices.  The “Finance Tracker” site allows users to view current recipients of Maryland business loans which includes name of business, loan amount, type of loan, number of promised jobs, location of business, and more.

 The Finance Tracker is just one of the available links on the State’s “Choose Maryland”  site.  The site is designed to help business owners … Read More

Public Records Opt Out?

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We had this question from a user:

I am a Criminal Investigator [ law enforcement ] [Florida ]. I would like to remove my personal information from public record. Anyone that has my first and last name, can put it in a people search database and retrieve my home address, along with the names of family members. Please let me know what steps I need to take in order to remove my information from public Record. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

We can certainly understand the concern. Most public records information is collected by government … Read More

Court Rules

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Every court has specific rules that must be followed by all parties. Lawyers who regularly practice in a given court are very familiar with the rules of that court. They often know the rules so well that they don’t have to look them up. But you have to look them up. Even if  you are representing yourself in court – known as appearing pro se (Latin for “for oneself”) – you will be expected to follow those rules. That means you’ll first have to find them. Fortunately, most court rules can be found online.

State court systems have statewide rules … Read More

Subpoenas: Compelling Your Appearance

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We all know that you have to show up in court if you are a party to a case being tried – i.e, if you are the defendant in a criminal case, or the plaintiff or defendant in a civil lawsuit. But if you are just a witness, do you also have to show up in court?

The answer is yes, if the judge or one of the attorneys thinks your testimony is important. The court will issue a subpoena, which is a document commanding your appearance in court to testify as a witness. In some cases, the … Read More

Does the City of Sacramento Owe You Money?

Did you know that the City of Sacramento is currently holding nearly $2 million in unclaimed property? These unclaimed funds consist of uncashed vendor checks that had not been cashed in three or more years, as well as utility billing account balances that were not requested to be refunded when a customer closed their account. Maybe you or someone you know could be owed a share of this money. But, under California Government Code Section 50050-50056, the city will get to keep this unclaimed money if the rightful owners do not make their claim soon.

In an article titled “Sacramento … Read More