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Help From Government Attorneys

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Depending on location, the government officer responsible for prosecuting criminals may be known as the District Attorney, Prosecutor, or County Attorney. Regardless of title, this officer may sound like someone the average citizen would prefer to avoid. Doesn’t the D.A. just prosecute criminals?

In many states, District and County Attorneys also help citizens enforce their rights. Kentucky County Attorneys are a good example.

Have you ever been stuck with a bad check? If so, how do you try to collect? Hire a lawyer? File a criminal complaint and wait for the check-writer’s trial to find out if you’ll see any … Read More

Searchable Online Access to FBI Records

If you’re interested in researching current or historic FBI activities or investigations, the FBI has recently created an online resource of documents regarding its various investigations conducted through the years. The online site is referred to as “The Vault.” The FBI’s new site contains previously unreleased files, files that were previously available but not scanned, and files that were previously available on other sites. These files span the history of the FBI.

If you’re a history buff, this site will keep you interested with its many different categories such as anti-war, civil rights, foreign counterintelligence, the gangster era, … Read More

Utah Ahead of the Curve in Online Access to Statewide Court Records

In any given state, you could typically expect to find maybe one or two statewide court records databases online. Utah is unusual in offering five different means to search court records online. This means easier, faster access to various trial court records, and CourtReference offers links to all of them from its Utah Court Case Records Search page.

Although in other states you may be able to search court records through a particular county’s resource, statewide resources offer the advantage of being able to search for cases even if you do not know the county where the case was heard. … Read More

Online Crime Data and Reporting

Law enforcement agencies are in the business of tracking crime, but did you also know that they want to provide the public with the opportunity to do so as well? Police department’s and law enforcement agencies across the country are publishing their crime data online, allowing citizens to see what crimes are occurring in their area, research calls for service history, or even submit a crime report online.

For example, the Antioch Police Department in California provides online public access to crime maps, crime statistics, and calls for service reports. You can view crime maps and statistics that include … Read More