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Ever wonder what happens to properties that have delinquent property taxes owed? They are sold at public auction for the amount of the back taxes, administrative costs and accumulated interest. The sales are generally held once per year by the County Treasurer, Tax Collector or Sheriff’s Office.

The Free Public Records Directory provides links to many different categories of public records including delinquent taxes and delinquent tax sales. Using the Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sale Records main page, you can access information about delinquent taxes or tax sales for a specific state and each county within the state. Each state … Read More

Electronic Filing for the Masses

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It’s getting easier to conduct court business online. Court systems haven’t been as quick to set up online transactions as, say, banks or booksellers. Yet it’s not new; see our 2009 blog posts What is E-Filing and Paying Court Fines Online. And it’s getting better.

Take electronic filing of court documents: More and more court systems are adding this capability. New Jersey even has mandatory electronic filing for some types of cases. But court-run electronic filing is not expanding fast enough to satisfy the demand from law firms looking efficiency. In response, a number of private companies now offer … Read More

Court Clerks Can Help You Find the Information You Need

When we think about going to court, the first people that usually pop into our heads are the judge in a robe, the bailiff with a badge, an attorney arguing for each side, and maybe a sketch artist for dramatic, high-profile cases. People like the Court Clerk may seem foreign. Administrative officials, however, are often the first line of contact the public has with the courts, and can often provide information and assistance for free.
Whether you are looking for court records, want to file a new case, or need information on when a hearing will be or where to … Read More

Trace Your Oakland County, Michigan Ancestors Online

The Oakland County, Michigan Clerk has recently added a new online genealogy research service. This service allows you to search for and order marriage and death records that have occurred in Oakland County. This site currently provides access to records dating back to 1941; however older records are gradually being added into the system.

You can search for marriage and death records by name. To narrow your results, you can enter the year of death or marriage. Marriage index results provide the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of marriage. Death index results show … Read More