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Government Job Searches

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If a government job appeals to you, this information should make your search much easier.  Many states offer government job searches by location. 

The State of Texas has a great website for employers and employees called “Work in Texas.”  The section for employees can be searched by occupation, by hiring agency, by job type and by location such as zip code or region. The website allows job seekers to register in order to take advantage of other free services such as email notifications, resume building and other career tools.

The section for employers allows potential employers to post … Read More

Law Libraries for You

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Need to do some legal research? Look up a case, a statute, books on a particular legal topic, or a specific legal document? Try the law library; it’s easier than you think. There is at least one law library in your state that is open to the public; in some states, there is one in every county. And like public libraries, law libraries are putting their catalogs and other resources online.

Check your state’s CourtReference guide’s Self Help and Legal Research resource category and look for the word “library” on the page. You’ll find the closest law library and links … Read More

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Congress doesn’t know much it’s spending. And we can prove it.

In 2007, then-Senator Obama and Senator Tom Coburn championed into law, a website meant to provide the public with information about how the federal government spends our tax dollars. This was an important step toward making public information available online. The idea was that each agency would report what they were spending and how they were spending it to one easy to access website.

The government website is impressive, at least on the surface. But now the site has … Read More

Do You Need a Lawyer?

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There are many reasons why you may need to find an attorney. If you were charged with a crime, injured in an accident, or served in a lawsuit, you will need a good lawyer. Maybe you are facing the threat of foreclosure on your home, or you need legal help with complex matters such as estate planning, guardianships, wills, or trusts. Finding a good lawyer is probably the most important decision you will make in addressing whatever your legal matter may be.

Sifting through the yellow pages is always an option, but probably not a good one, since the best … Read More

Online Tools Take Some Pain Out of Parking Tickets

Recently, I returned to my car after running an errand and discovered one of those dreaded parking ticket envelopes under my windshield wiper. Yes, the meter had expired, but when I opened the envelope, it was empty. Elation mixed with confusion – had I received a parking ticket or not? Was the empty envelope some sort of parking ticket “warning?” Unsure of whether and how to submit payment without a citation number, I forgot about the incident, and two weeks later a Second Notice of Parking Ticket came in the mail with a $25.00 late charge on top of the … Read More