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Looking for a New Business Location?

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If you’re looking for a new location for your business, many states and counties have websites to search for available commercial and industrial real estate.  One great website is the State of Maryland’s Buildings and Sites website.  You can search for industrial buildings, office buildings and available sites by county and up to 30 other selection criteria such as size, type of construction, price per square foot or acre, utilities, and owner.

Other states and counties have similar websites which you can find through “Free Public Records Directory.”  Using the website, click on the state and then the … Read More

Helping Local Courts, New York Style

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CourtReference recently took a look at the way New Jersey municipalities are combining their courts to save money and increase efficiency. Other states are using this and other types of organizational change to improve their court systems. New York is taking a slightly different approach.

Within each of New York’s Judicial Districts, each county has its own uniform set of courts: Supreme, Family, Surrogate’s, and County. Major cities, and each of New York City’s five boroughs, also have a City Court. All of these courts are part of the New York State Unified Court System, supported by the Office of … Read More

Foreclosure Mediation Provides Hope for Homeowners in Growing Number of States

State court systems are stepping in to help minimize the damage from the residential mortgage foreclosure crisis. Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Ohio are among those that have implemented statewide foreclosure mediation programs. A number of other states are currently considering legislation to create foreclosure mediation programs, and many cities and courts have put in place local programs.

All 88 Ohio counties now use foreclosure mediation in handling foreclosure cases on their dockets. Through these programs, a neutral mediator works with homeowners and lenders to resolve the mortgage problem by mutual agreement. Such mediation can … Read More

New Online Database Shines Light on Lobbying

As a result of the Cook County, Illinois Lobbyist Sunshine Ordinance, the Cook County Clerk has recently launched a searchable database of lobbyists and lobbying activity. Previously, lobbyist information was presented as PDF documents. Lobbyists are now required to provide more detailed information about their lobbying, including who their clients are, what they talked about, where and when they spoke, and how much they were paid. They are also required to submit new client information within 48 hours of being contracted or face an ethics investigation and stiff penalties.

The database is broken into four sections where you can search … Read More