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Do You Know Where Your Municipal Court Is?

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It might not still be where you last saw it, thanks to the growing trend for small municipalities to share or consolidate services, including court services. Agreements to share or consolidate courts are likely to become more common, because the driver for these agreements is money – specifically, the lack thereof in government budgets, and the need to cut expenses in order to maintain services. In the current economy, efficiency is beginning to trump tradition and “hometown” spirit.

New Jersey is currently experimenting with a variety of joint and shared municipal courts, and it’s an ideal incubator. Small in area … Read More

Is there crime in your neighorhood?

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Would you like to see the types of crimes that are committed in your neighborood or are you looking for a safer neighborhood? The City of Seattle Police Department has recently launched a crime map which gives a visual image of crimes committed within the City of Seattle.

The crimes are categorized through icons and can be displayed all at once or by specific categories. General information about the crime, such as when and where, is available by clicking the icon. The actual police report can be requested online.

View the Seattle Police Department’s crime map now. Crime maps for … Read More

Divorce by Mail in Washington State

The process of getting divorced is emotionally and financially exhausting. Having to deal with stressful court hearings and confusing court procedures does not help. Fortunately for Washington State residents, uncontested divorces can be filed in Lincoln County Superior Court and the divorce can actually be granted through the mail without ever having to go to court. Lincoln County is unique in offering this option to anyone who resides in any Washington State county. Many Washington State residents take advantage of this service — the county processes more divorces each year than any other county in the state except King County, … Read More