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Check Out a Restaurant Before You Dine

Do you enjoy dining out? Are you curious about the sanitary conditions of your favorite restaurant? Selecting the right place to eat has become a little easier since health departments across the country are now posting restaurant inspection information online.

Sanitary health inspections are designed to identify food safety violations, which is everything from inadequate hand-washing to a rodent infestation in the kitchen. This information allows consumers to be able to make informed choices, and it provides business owners incentive to achieve and maintain high standards in food safety.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has … Read More

Online Access to Maryland Probate Records

Maryland recently instituted a new, free statewide or county specific search of the Maryland Register of Wills records.  This database, covering records dating back to 1998, may be searched by name, estate type, estate status, county , estate number or filing date.   The party name may be the decedent,  guardian, minor, interested party, or personal representative.   Estate status means whether the case is open or closed and the type of estate may refer to guardianship, small matter, foreign proceeding or non-probate. A default setting is to search all types of estates.

This search is separate from the Maryland District Read More

BP Gulf Oil Spill

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The BP Gulf oil spill is devastating, pure and simple. Watching the oil gush non-stop into the Gulf is surreal and the pictures of the oil soaked birds is heart wrenching.  This has really only begun to affect the residents and wildlife of this area and this catastrophe will be with us for months and years to come. Dwarfing the Exxon Valdez spill, whose affects are still widely felt, this spill is a definining moment of our times, as are our responses to it.  Trying to stay on top of the ever changing information is a hurdle in and out … Read More

Detention Centers Posting Mug Shots and Names Online

Detention Centers across the county have embraced the value of making their public records available online.

Bigger County jails including Boone County, Kentucky and city jails like Denton City, Texas are routinely providing the names of who’s currently housed in their facilities.   Many of these jails are now taking it a step further by listing a person’s date of birth, their arrest date and time, amount of bail, physical description, home city and state but also a link to their mug shot.

We can only imagine the drastic reduction of public records requests that come into a facility along with … Read More