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Historical Virginia Court Case Records

The Library of Virginia has a Chancery Records Index project well under way whereby historical chancery records are being digitized and made available online. These records, which relied heavily on witness testimony,  offer unique access into the lives of persons living in Virginia from the early 1700s through the 1920s.  36 Virginia counties and cities have their chancery cases in this project at the Library of Virginia resulting in over 191,000 cases indexed in the database and over 4 million images of chancery causes available online.

Chancery causes could not be readily decided by existing laws, so judges’ decisions were … Read More

The Public Online Information Act

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Many of us are familiar with the Freedom of Information Act, also known as FOIA. In the age of the internet, having government agencies provide information following written requests is no longer sufficient. Representative Steve Israel has introduced new legislation called The Public Online Information Act.  POIA requires agencies within the Executive Branch to publish all public information on the internet in a timely manner and user friendly fashion.  POIA also creates a federal advisory committe  to help develop internet disclosure policies that would be effective throughout the government. Members of this committe would be selected from each branch of … Read More