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Legal Self-Help Tools

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In this day and age, there are any number of circumstances that may force one to be involved with the legal system. The involvement may range from a simple traffic ticket to felony charges and, obviously, the more serious the situation, the more likely that an attorney will be necessary. Navigating the court system, and even finding an attorney, can be a daunting process. Where to go? What to do?

Luckily, there is a great deal of information available online and a number of good self-help resources. These resources range from how to pay traffic tickets to attorney referral services, … Read More

Public Charter School Database

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The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has unveiled an improved database covering nearly 5,000 public charter schools and providing the most comprehensive information yet available.  Searches can be run on individual charter schools by location or name and users may view performance achievements.  Searches are also available by state and users may generate custom reports as their interests warrant.

Public information on charter schools had been lagging behind public interest, so this new database with a ten-fold increase in the data covered is an important tool for persons researching educational matters.

There are other educational resources in the public … Read More