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White House Visitor Logs

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President Obama announced in September that White House visitor logs will be available to the public on a regular basis, a decision distinctly at odds with the former administration’s policies. This new policy applies to visitors after September 15th, 2009 and the first online posting of visitors will occur around the end of the year. There are several exceptions to this disclosure policy – personal guests of the Obamas, visitors whose disclosure would compromise national security and those who come for sensitive meetings, an example being a Supreme Court nominee. Those in the later category will be disclosed after they … Read More

Proposal to Limit Access to Wisconsin Court Records

Wisconsin offers free online access to the state’s court records, both criminal and civil, through the Wisconsin Court System and known as Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA). ¬†Court records are public information and Wisconsin does a good job making this information readily available to the public in a timely manner and free of charge.

A Wisconsin Representative, Marlin Schneider of Wisconsin Rapids, wants to change this.¬† Mr. Schneider has introduced a bill whereby the WCCA would only show information if a case either shows a conviction or finding of civil liability. Additionally, under his bill, only judges, police, attorneys and … Read More